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Adult Swim's Community

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This is a community to honor Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.
(ASK your local provider for channel).

Sunday Through Thursday.
11 pm to 2am

A block of shows geared towards adults and almost adults. Shows that are broadcast.

Half hour shows:

Baby Blues
- the comic strip brought to animated life.

Family Guy
- The Simpsons without a conscience

- Matt Groening's show of the future

Home Movies
- 8 year olds making movies (ala Dr. Katz)

Mission Hill
- kinda like an animated friends, but you feel less dirty.

The Oblongs
- The Simpsons as Mutants.

Ripping Friends
- Superheros that don't know how to be heroes.


Cowboy Bebop
- (bounty hunters in space)

- (anime version of Pinocchio with a 70's retro feel)

- Ancient Japan, monsters, and a modern school girl thrown in for fun.

Lupin the 3rd
- an old 70's anime, of a thief and his misadventures around the world.

Reign: The Conqueror
- Alexander the Great's story retold from the man who brought you Aeon Flux.

- gunslinger without a cause clue, running from unsuspecting bounty hunters.

15 minute shows:

Aqua Teen Hunger Force
- Superhero's that don't fight much crime, when they aren't fighting with each other.

The Brak Show
- loveable brak always get's in trouble with his villain-like friend.. Zorak.

Harvey Birdman
- The Practice, if you were mentally insane.

Sealab 2021
- Insane scientists in a lab, under the sea.

Space Ghost Coast To Coast
- Talk Show gone hilariously wrong.

Special Presentations (one shots):

The Elingtonville Club
- Evan Dorken's "Dorks" coming to animated life.

The Groovies
- an alien animated couple living in an apartment like complex.

Penguins Behind Bars
- (unknown until tonight)

- Try to keep the unrelated AS posts, to a minimum.
- Respect each other and you will be respected back.
- Don't reply to someone's post with another post. just comment on theirs.
- Keep the flaming to a minimum
- I tender the right to change these rules whenever i feel necessary.

Any problems you can email them to:

Fr0w at hotmail.com
(that's with a zero for an O)

Go To Adult Swim for currant schedule and times.